Getting My Priorities Straight

The past week has been fairly hectic and thanks to China’s generous system of making you work the weekends on either side of a national holiday I’m still in the office today (Sat). To add to my woes the weather is oppressively hot and humid in Shenzhen making it very hard to sleep at night, even with the AC on. I’m tired out.

However, every cloud has a silver lining and I’ve planned a getaway tonight to foreign shores where hopefully I can recharge my batteries and take a short break from China.

Sleeping Baby

I came across this young man taking a nap on a cart by the side of the street and it seems he’s got his priorities in life straight at an early age! I think it’s important to take regular breaks from your everyday life to make sure you maintain perspective which we have a tendency to lose in the monotony of daily routines.

I’ll try to check back during the week with some updates later in the week but till then enjoy the World Cup and the Dragon Boat Festival 🙂

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