What’s going on here?

You may be wondering why this months (Jan 05) posts have vanished…

Basically the server crashed *again* and this time there is no easy solution as I’m over 250 miles away from it. All the data is backed up but I can’t access it right now – great isn’t it?

To top it all off my phone has run out of battery and I forgot to pack my charger when I came to Durham on Saturday meaning now I have no phone either. If you try to call me/send me a text, sorry but I wont be getting it any time soon! Not a good day 🙁

I’m too busy with uni work this week to sort out anything more substantial than this but I’ll get things sorted out over the weekend hopefully. Because of the exams etc I’ve got this week I won’t be posting till then probably anyway.

In the meantime if you need to contact me please send mail to david AT randomwire.com.

Update (19/01): It just keeps getting better now the network port in my room in college has died for some unknown reason, so no net/email/im etc. I’ve contacted the ITS but who knows when it’ll be fixed.

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    They are determind to make you completely uncontactable so you actually have to do your work. Hmmm that actually might help me get work done. If I just disconnected the router from the power “Nope, I have no idea what is wrong sorry. Seems like a problem with our provider nothing to do with us”

  2. Hope you get a better response than our helpdesk 😉

  3. Classic – their response was to log a call for it, when I asked how long it would take for someone to have a look I was given the standard “I don't know how busy our technicians are right now” line and that was that. Credit to them though it came back on about 4 hours later so not too bad!


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