eXtreme Programming

XP is just one of the buzzwords going around the agile method programming community at the moment which I’ve been revising today. Unfortunately it bears no relation to the much more interesting art of ‘Extreme Ironing‘ which is one of very few sports I can empathise with!

The view out my window in my loft room (not the one in Durham) isn’t particularly interesting but during the odd moment of boredom these last couple of days I’ve looked out to see a couple of nice back-lit trees which it seemed worth taking a snap (or two) of. I wish I had the time to go out somewhere with some more interesting subjects but there we go!

Here are a couple of OK shots, both taken on a tripod using manual exposure settings: (click on the text below each for a larger version).

Tree 1
Back-lit tree 1

Tree 2
Back-lit tree & chimney 2

You may notice the similary of them to an earlier shot I posted. Hope you like them – I’m using the first one as my desktop background 🙂 BTW – If the photos look a bit colourless on your screen then you probably need to adjust the contract settings.

– Find out how to turn one of these into one of these – very cool (but not necessarily cost effective!) –

Incidentally I got invited to my first job interview today (although it’s not till February) which I’m quite pleased about but also extremely nervous. If only I had a crystal ball…

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  1. I always love your pics! I really like the top logo pics you have. So kewl! 😉

  2. Good luck with the interview… UCLES calls? 😉

  3. hehe, not quite – It's for a company based in London who do outsourced IT projects for other companies.


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