Unfogging Your World

An app that promises to “Remember everywhere you have been in your whole life journey” immediately makes me sceptical but ‘Fog of World‘ is actually pretty fun even if doesn’t quite live up to the hyperbole. The simple concept is that you start off with a world map that is covered by fog that only clears once you visit a location in person, as tracked by your smartphone GPS.

What you’re left with are inverse contrails crisscrossing a map providing a visual record of exactly where you’ve been. The makers of the app have tried to gamify the system by awarding achievements that can be shared on a leader board. In other words, a travel egomaniacs dream.

Made in Taiwan, it’s a cute idea although I dread to imagine what this will do for your battery life.

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    Christopher Pannell

    It’s like playing Baldur’s Gate in real life.


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