Typhoon Hagupit

This week brought its fair share of climatic excitement when Typhoon Hagupit smashed into the southern coast of China, not far from Shenzhen. With wind speeds in excess of 200 km/h, it was apparently the most powerful typhoon to hit Guangdong province in more than 10 years.

Photo © AP Photo/Vincent Yu

Flights and ferry services were suspended and schools closed. While the city of Maoming bore the brunt of its strength things got pretty extreme where I was with lashing rain unlike I’ve ever seen before – it was so heavy at one point I couldn’t see out the office windows. I got caught in it on the way home Tuesday evening and even with an umbrella got totally soaked with the concrete environment turned into impermeable rivers! To me, it may have been exciting but sadly claimed the lives of 5 people.

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  1. Thanks Emily, glad you like it! 🙂

  2. Emily Gilbert avatar
    Emily Gilbert

    Glad to here you like China.I like your blog!

  3. Yeah, the humidity is probably worse than the heat. I think I’m slowly getting used to it but there’s still a big *wow* every time I leave the comfort of an air-conditioned building!

  4. sabrina avatar

    seems you already had lots of fun there..
    The moisture is very high, be careful of
    getting arthritis pain..


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