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I think others have already said enough about the iPhone but sufficed to say it’s living up to my expectations so far. Having phone/ email/ internet/ iPod/ calendar/ photos/ camera/ maps etc. all in one slick device is very very nice. Getting it on Friday evening was an interesting experience in itself. Surprisingly, having queued on Regents Street for about an hour and a half, it only took 15 mins to make the purchase from the time the doors opened amid the crowds of cheering Apple staff (perhaps a little much!). I quickly headed home, praying not to get mugged on the way, and activated it through iTunes – a process which was surprisingly simple (my old phone number transferred directly without any wait).

The iPhone Frenzy - Regent St, London
Photo © mrgeoffb

In the past, I always thought micro-blogging tools like Twitter, Pownce or Jaiku were somewhat pointless but now that I have an always-on internet device I can see some merit in them. When you’re on the move you don’t have time to make long posts so short updates (< 140 characters) are ideal. Now I just need to find something interesting to say… expect a few experiments to be on their way!

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  1. Yeah I'm not totally sold on it yet! I do however like the ability to update from anywhere not tied to a keyboard. 😉

  2. I tend to agree with your former assessment of micro blogging tools :p. Please don't degenerate into 9:32am visited 13th floor toilet, noted was less clean than usual, mental note to use toilet at home from now on. hehe


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