Japan Tokyo

Tokyo Ted

Thats it folks – Red Ted has left the country and is at this moment winging his way over to Tokyo. We probably wont have another progress update for another week at least so hold on tight till then!

Tokyo Ted
Brushing up on his Japanese post-flight

When it came to writing on the customs label what was inside the package we were sending I very nearly wrote “endangered bear” or suchlike but I thought that was probably not a good idea and reverted to “child’s toy bear” – if RT ever found out I put that I’m sure he would be mortified!

Tokyo Ted
Show me the money!

Unfortunately due to his recent fall in favor over the last year we could only afford super-saver economy class seating for him… in a jiffy-bag! We did however provide 1000 Yen to pay for the flight back in lieu of his handlers intervention – the only trouble with this is that I don’t think he has a pocket big enough to fit it in 🙂

In other news… The will be another update this evening hopefully once I’ve had a moment to sort out the photos of last nights cookery escapades which were interesting to say the least – Delia Smith watch out!!


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