Todoroki Kujūku-taki Falls

Back during my recent trip to Tokushima in Shikuku, I had the chance to head inland and hike up a series of waterfalls known as Todoroki Kujūku-taki (轟九十九滝) or Ninety-nine waterfalls near the town of Kaiyo-cho (海陽町).


The word Todoroki (轟) literally means “roaring” and might sound familiar as it’s the same name given to Todoroki Valley in Tokyo whose normally placid stream can turn into a monster during heavy rain.


The trail begins near Todoroki Shrine (轟神社) which sits atop a tree-lined stone stairway.


Nearby, the main waterfall is hidden just out of view in the deep notch it has carved out over countless years. The fine mist emanating from the narrow gap creates an ethereal scene.


From here the ascent begins, at first steeply but it soon levels off to a gentle incline.


A little way above the main waterfall begins a series of smaller waterfalls which feed it. Not a bad spot for a picnic.


If you dare, you can approach the mouth of the main waterfall and look over into the abyss.


After ascending for about an hour you reach the top and the trail continues to follow the winding river. From here you could continue onto a destination unknown in the island interior or return back the way you came.

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