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Today’s Levitation

Back in 2011, I wrote about Natsumi Hayashi, the Japanese girl who takes seemingly impossible photos of herself floating in various places around Tokyo, and then posted on her blog “yowayowa camera woman diary”. This week her first solo photographic exhibition opened at Spiral Garden in Aoyama and I went along to check it out.

Today's Levitation at Spiral Garden

Two of her new pieces have been blown up onto enormous 6x9m canvases. The photo above was taken in the Vietnamese factory of the clothing manufacturer who sponsored the exhibition. There were also some smaller prints hung along the wall of the spiral staircase.

Big Foot

In case you’re wondering how she takes these surreal shots, it basically involves a tripod, self-timer and lots of jumping to get the right pose. I guess the deadpan expression also helps!

It’s great to see that her personal project has had so much success and will be interesting to see what she comes up with next.


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