This Modern Life

It’s been a busy couple of weeks at work and I’m completely exhausted… Friday seems a long way off at this point and there isn’t a definite end in sight! As usual, there’s not a lot more I can say about that side of life here which is kind of a pity because some of it’s quite interesting.

This Modern Life

Over the weekend I watched a couple of good movies – Michael Moore’s new documentary SiCKO, about the failings of the American health care system, and Exiled, an old-fashioned Hong Kong triad film with a heavy focus on friendship and brotherhood – nothing special but a good watch all the same. In the former seeing the underhanded way in which the medical insurance companies work in the US really makes me feel how lucky we are to have the NHS in the UK, even with all its failings. I find it quite incredible that America, of all places, could be in such a dire situation with such a big and unfair divide between the rich and poor…

China Cultural Revolution Poster

Elsewhere… I finally got around to framing and putting up one of the Chinese cultural revolution propaganda posters in my bedroom. It’s a nice little reminder of my time in China and a rather ironic statement about everything I detest that this man did to a wonderful country during a completely unnecessary revolution.

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