Long Haul

I’ve been trying to work out some travel plans for the summer this week but have been stumped by the rather ridiculous cost of flights. Even though I’m looking to book more than two months in advance I’m only left with the option of an £850 11-hour flight or a £350 20-hour flight with a stopover in Dubai. Of course, there’s no way I would ever shell out for the former but it seems rather a lot to endure almost a full day of my holiday (each way) sitting in a cattle class coffin for the pleasure of a cheap ticket but I guess that’s the catch. Something tells me my body clock is going to be so messed up by the end of this next adventure.

If anyone has any advice on finding cheap flights I’d love to hear from you… perhaps advice on how to survive flying halfway around the world would be more appropriate though!

In other news… I just noticed I’ve been linked to a blog about Chinese law which not only brought a smile to my face (if you know my views you’ll know why) but is also an interesting read for those in the business of outsourcing 🙂

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  1. Yeah that's not a bad idea for going to China although that's not my destination this time around 😉

    I went ahead and booked the cheap option – the price had already started to rise so wanted to get it before it was out of reach. This is going to be one insane journey… I must be crazy!

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    Tom Fairweather

    Hi David, my dad just flew to Hong Kong, at quite short notice for £400 return, then you can go by train / bus into China for not much. Can also see Hong Kong too :). He flew Air New Zealand and booked direct through their website.


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