Its been a very hectic couple of days back at work. A number of people have left recently so we’re a bit short on support staff which is creating a bit of a backlog of work but on the whole I think things are being coped with pretty well considering!

Had a bit of fun today installing Windows XP Service Pack 2 on my work PC (not knowing if my system would come back up after it did all its messing about with the internals) but luckily all was fine and I was presented with a number of nag screen about securing my system – looks like Microsoft might have finally woken up to the fact that their OS is like a kitchen sieve when improperly configured. It’s something I thought I’d never hear myself saying but I rather suspect it’s too little too late.


I also got round to printing off a couple of my photos from Italy yesterday evening. Considering I only have a cheap little HP DeskJet 950C the results were quite good and definitely wouldn’t look out of place in a cheap clip frame!

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