Slight Change

Regular visitors may have noticed a slight change in look to the site – I’ve shifted everything to the centre because when viewing the old style in anything about 1024 x 768 it looked a bit weird and lop-sided. As ever it’s a work in progress so expect to see more minor changes over the days to come (I think the header needs some work especially). Using a database driven site with a templated front end certainly has its advantages in these sorts of situations allowing you to make changes on the fly without the hassle of having to dig to deep into the guts of the system!

Update: Talking of re-designs, our old friend Jakob Neilsen (self professed web-guru) recently had a word or two to say about the subject, take a look here. Personally I don’t think a great deal of his views as they seem to restrictive to actually allow for anything else than very dull mainly text-based web design. What worries me most about him though is the page of hi-resolution photos of himself that he has on his web site! Talk about ego-centric!

JaKob Neilsen
Be afraid, be very afraid – this man will eat your web site!

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    Your Buddy

    Just wanted to comment on your amazing web site, very inspirational, I am at the moment in mid desgign of a crazy little topsy turvy website called, all about the crazy adventures of a very good friend of mine. and his mad cap plans to be a monkey and live in monkeydom, I may need some help with this and hope you are in a position to maybe pass on some of your vast knowledge


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