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Good news for die-hard matrix fans out today – as earlier rumored The Matrix trilogy (including the Animatrix) is to be released as part of a special ten-disc DVD boxset in time for Christmas. Probably the most exciting aspect of this release is the new cut of Reloaded which will include all the footage from the “Enter The Matrix” game which I haven’t had a chance to play. Also included will be hours of documentaries about each film and for the first time an audio commentary to go with each but alas neither of the Wachowskis will grace the soundtrack. Luckily I managed to hold off buying Revolutions as I suspected a boxset might be on the horizon so while the journey may be over the legacy of the Matrix will live on!


For more info on the boxset take a look here.

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  1. I totally agree, superb films spoilt by the lack of Monkies.

    Heres hoping Monkey Magic is right and the extended DVD editions have the “cut” monkey scenes edited back.

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    I particularly like this series of movies, my only criticism, however small it may be, is that there doesn't appear to have any monkey's in it. I will endeavour to e-mail the producers and Keanu Reeves with such a question and post the results on

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    Monkey Magic

    I wholeheartedly agree with Buddy: an excellent set of movies. However, I must point out that although not in the theatrical edition of the films, I eagerly anticipate several monkey scenes in the extended DVD editions! 8?

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    Super Monkey



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