In a few short hours I’ll be jetting off to South Korea; my sleep experiment to avoid jet-lag has felt like more of a lesson in self control and trying to concentrate on work whilst pretty fatigued. Somehow I’ve managed to get up successive nights 1 hour earlier each day (this morning was 2am) and attempted to sleep 1 hour later. I’m not quite sure how well I’ve managed to fool my body clock, the next couple of days should be interesting!

Since I’m flying via Dubai (20 reasons not to move to Dubai) I wont arrive in Seoul till later tomorrow – I’ll try and post an update here when I do. Since Korea is the king of consumer electronics I’ll leave you with a few titbits of life on the other side:

Update (02/09): I made it ok to Korea, this time without any drama’s!! This morning I’m feeling pretty jet-lagged (aching all over) so it doesn’t look like my sleep experiment did much good. Hopefully it will pass in the next 24 hours. More soon 🙂


  1. Maria says:

    Enjoy your holiday ^_^ Sorry about your experimant not working much 🙁 – maybe it did work, and you'd have had some scary new uber-jetlag if you'd not done it…

  2. Maria says:


    Sorry, but I just couldn't leave my blatant spelling error like that 🙂

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