See You On The Other Side

In a few short hours I’ll be jetting off to South Korea; my sleep experiment to avoid jet lag has felt like more of a lesson in self-control and trying to concentrate on work whilst pretty fatigued. Somehow I’ve managed to get up successive nights 1 hour earlier each day (this morning was 2 am) and attempted to sleep 1 hour later. I’m not quite sure how well I’ve managed to fool my body clock, the next couple of days should be interesting!

Since I’m flying via Dubai I won’t arrive in Seoul till later tomorrow – I’ll try and post an update here when I do. Since Korea is the king of consumer electronics I’ll leave you with a few tidbits of life on the other side:

Update (02/09): I made it ok to Korea, this time without any drama!! This morning I’m feeling pretty jet-lagged (aching all over) so it doesn’t look like my sleep experiment did much good. Hopefully, it will pass in the next 24 hours. More soon 🙂

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  1. Ushi avatar

    Have an enojoyable, fun, and safe trip!

  2. Shirley avatar

    Hope you will have a fun and lovely trip in South Korea!

  3. Maria avatar

    Enjoy your holiday ^_^ Sorry about your experimant not working much 🙁 – maybe it did work, and you'd have had some scary new uber-jetlag if you'd not done it…

  4. Maria avatar


    Sorry, but I just couldn't leave my blatant spelling error like that 🙂

  5. Thanks Ushi, Shirley Maria! Jet lag seems to have passed now thankfully!


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