Return to Korea

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This time next week I’ll be at Heathrow airport about to embark on a rather epic journey (for me anyway) to the other side of this small world of ours. My previous visit to South Korea only lasted 4 days so I decided another dose was required, hence I’m heading back for a further 10 days of exploration! The actual journey there is going to take a tortuous 20 hours going via Dubai which will be a good excuse to read the final Harry Potter book (stolen from my younger sibling 😉 ).

London to Seoul

During my stay, I plan to spend around half my time in Seoul and the rest in the southern cities of Gyeongju (the ancient capital & UNESCO World Heritage Site) and Busan (also known as Pusan, the largest port city). Drop me a line if you happen to be in the vicinity!

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    Only in a week? Waah! That's so soon! Will you have any interweb access in your time away? Have a lovely holiday 🙂 and I expect to see pictures! 😀

  2. Thanks Maria, I should indeed have net access, at least for some of the time so I'll be sure to update when I can. Photos will of course be forthcoming!!


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