It’s been a busy few days in Korea… many interesting things seen and much to report on but not enough time to go into detail right now!! The last two days I’ve been in Gwung ju (a historic city in the south) but unfortunately the rainy season decided to begin hence the phrase “drowned rat” wouldn’t look out of place! That said I still managed to see the sights, albeit dressed in a plastic bad like coat. I’ll be in Seoul till Friday when I’m going to visit Pusan (a city on the coast).

Pictures and details to follow next week 🙂

Update (10/09): I’m at Incheon airport, Seoul, now with a couple of hours to kill before my flight. I’ve got a killer 24 hours of travel ahead of me at its already 10.30pm here 🙁 Sometimes you’ve got to wonder if international travel is worth it!! Back in +1 days.

Update (11/09): I’m back. Very tired but alive! A few weeks of musings from Korea to follow shortly.


  1. Ushi says:

    Sorry I missed you on msn…my msn isn't working properly so I was using an online version, so didn't see you…..

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