Discovery Return

The space shuttle Discovery made a text-book landing earlier today in California instead of Florida (due to poor weather conditions). Everyone can now heave a sigh of relief although where this leaves the space program no-one knows at the moment. A succinctly named article “A Rocket To Nowhere” by Maciej Ceglowski gives some good commentary on the problems to be faced up to at NASA who get a far from favorable review.

Discovery Return

At the end of the day ‘Rocket Science‘ is just that – astronomically complex, but also exciting and alluring to those with a sense of adventure. The shuttle fleet is obviously coming to end of it’s life-cycle but even if they never fly again we musn’t forget their contribution to the space program and their iconic place in history.


Check out this cool high-res webcam (+ audio) from Aizu Wakamatsu train station in Japan. Watch as people scurry about their daily business! [via Joi Ito]

I also mentioned another good one in Kyoto a while back here but it appears to have disappeared now unfortunately. Find more cool cams on WebView World.


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