Cows By Mail

I never imagined a day when cows would become a fashion accessory – In what must be nearly the epitome of aristocratic “country” living I discovered that you can now buy designer cows in a variety of colours (brown, black or white) and personalised finishes (quite what it means by “hand-finished” I don’t know…) straight from a very glossy catalog (price on application only)!!

Cow for Sale
Highland Calf’s to your doorstep

First it was organic food, now it’s cows – whatever next? Something tells me this is one fad which is going a bit too far! Curiously enough there are highland cattle in the field at the bottom of the garden in the house my parents will soon be moving to…

On the other side of the environmental agenda (note the tenuous link there!) we find some creative marketing going on in Tokyo (as is usually the case) where a non-profit organisation called ‘greenbird‘ has made some cool ads to promote cleanliness and courtesy to the environment:

“Keep clean, Keep green.”

You can fine more online in the gallery. [via]

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