This time last year I was finding my feet during my first week living in Beijing. I can hardly believe it’s been a year since that fateful adventure and at the same time, I’m pining to get back out there. There is something very alluring about the adventure of living somewhere which is so foreign (for want of a better word) and developing at such a fast rate.

China Under Snow
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That said, I don’t particularly envy my friends in China right now suffering severe snow blizzards and ice storms. What makes it all the worse is that the bad weather has come just as the time people are heading off for the annual spring festival. For many migrant workers this is the only time of year that they have the chance to head home and see their families which for some is now an impossibility. Many have been stuck at rail stations for days.

China Under Snow
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If you are unlucky enough to have got caught up in the chaos you may want to check out this innovative mashup map service Google has created to show the current weather and transport across the country. [via]

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  1. 合肥地图也推出了“2008合肥春运地图”

  2. Translated (by Google):

    Hefei map also introduced the “spring 2008 map of Hefei”
    Although we do not have as Google's influence, but we still intentions in helping others.
    Although our heartfelt best wishes to every one of the friends outside of work can come home safe and sound New Year!

    Awesome, thanks!


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