If you follow the various social news networks (Digg, Reddit etc.) then you will probably have read about the “war” being waged online against a certain creepy cult (evangelised by an equally creepy actor) by a loosely organised group called Anonymous. What really stood out for me is their rather effective “press releases” on YouTube. Complete with monotone computerized voice, ominous rolling clouds and militaristic soundtrack these guys certainly know how to set the tone:

Awesome. Part 2 here. Good luck with exposing the cult for what it is.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Anonymous is pleased with your support.

    And while we realise it may be creepy, it is required to end the Church os $cientology. Not neccessarily the ideas $cientology has.

    We are all for free speech.

  2. Murdertrain says:

    ill check up to see if anyone reposts some information for me cause anon seems pretty cool ive spent maybe 2hours looking for information so plz post back if u could

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