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Red Roses

Having predicted only yesterday that we would soon see a release candidate of Slackware 10 today I was vindicated with just that! As ever the KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid) principle has been maintained and it’s a top grade distribution.

Also out today is a new kernel – 2.6.7. A while back I found a cool little shell script called ketchup which automates the process of patching from one version of the Linux kernel to another. It caches the various patches, only downloading what’s required to get you to the version you specify and more importantly saves you a lot of time and hassle! If you’re interested take a look at this article here which explains how to use it.

Having returned to my house in Durham today I was pleased to see that the rose I thought I had killed by over-zealous pruning had blossomed – its a nice addition to all the weeds!



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  1. Margaret says:

    Enjoying the “Blogs”. Lovely roses – good you take after me in the gardening skills dept.!! Great news about the exams – I rang Dad during one of his “talks” (luckily 'phone on silent!!!)he is ecstatic!!

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