New Terror Threat

Last week saw a terror alert in central London sparked by a pot of burning chillies in a Thai restaurant which some people confused for a chemical attack. Funnily the chef didn’t even realise as he was used to the smell!

Mudchute Chillies!

Not far away some equally fiery chillies were about ready for the picking at my very own chilli plantation! You may remember back in May I planted 7 “Demon Red” chilli plants – unfortunately growing conditions this summer have been pretty poor with the strange weather we’ve had in the UK. Given this, the speed of growth and yield has been below expectations but there were still reasonable results and the above is the first harvest!

I cooked some last night in a pasta sauce and can confirm that they indeed live up to their name.

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  1. Thanks, and well the good thing is the effective date is Jan' 2007 :).

  2. Maria avatar

    Wow!!!!! I can't believe I didn't see that story on BBC news! That's hilarious 🙂 Do you have any pictures of your chili plants? If so then could you post them please? and were they yummy? 🙂

  3. Hi Maria, I've not taken any yet but I'll try to over the weekend! Yummy is perhaps not the word I'd use to describe them… perhaps “mind blowing” would be a better description!


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