Louis XIV in Taipei

I’ve had some pretty good food in my time but rarely do my exploits extend to multi-course fine dining. Whilst I was in Taiwan I had the pleasure of experiencing some excellent haute cuisine courtesy of some very generous friends. One place in particular which stood out was Louis XIV, located in Taipei’s Da-an district, which serves exceptional French provencal cuisine. Here are some pics to whet your appetite.

Mini Starter

The Appetizer – I have no idea what you call this creation but it was beautifully presented and a tasty little morsel to kick things off.

Louis XIV Appetiser

The Starter – fresh chilled salad leaves with tomato and lardons.

Louis XIV Steak

Main Course – US prime steak with yellow peppers and a balsamic reduction sauce. Mouth-wateringly tender.

Raspberry Sorbet + Almond Soufflé

Dessert – Raspberry Sorbet and Almond Soufflé. Sweet perfection.

Overall a very special dining experience which was complimented by the exceptional service of the sommelier, Claire Chiang, who made excellent recommendations. Probably not for anyone on a tight budget but if you’re here that’s probably not your mind anyway.

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    Cheap or expensive? MRT? Going to go to Da-an soon this Jan 2011 =)

    1. Very near Da-an station – it’s expensive but not crazy.


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