Liberty Interrupted

Finally after three weeks of rather non-stop living I’ve had a chance to stop and inhale! I really don’t want to let the site fall by the wayside so I’ll be making a concerted effort to try and keep up with a few posts a week from now on hopefully.

I would go into some detail about what I’ve actually been doing recently but then I’d have to kill you… or you’d simply die of boredom! Sufficed to say it involved sitting on the beach, fusion and absolutely no sand or nuclear power. I’ve probably learned more in these past days than in a whole year of university but then again maybe this is the beginning of rose-tinting the past!


I’m working in London’s Docklands area, very close to Canary Wharf which has an impressive complex below it full of shops and restaurants, most of which I couldn’t ever afford to buy anything in! The office itself affords some rather spectacular views of the City, Greenwich and the Millenium Dome which is just across the river.

Of course after the 7/7 bombings on the tube people are bit edgy but you’ve just got to get on with things. Yes it could, and probably will, happen again some time in the future but you can’t let this effect your daily life or they’ve already won. Unfortunately with the police on high alert some innocent people have got caught up and had their liberty harshly interrupted – read “Innocent in London” for more and this article from a prominent UK broadsheet. It’s a rather scary reflection on the way society seems to be going; we can only hope this doesn’t go too far.

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