In the world of business (particularly in the technology domain) there is one thing you are bound to run into a lot – TLA’s or ‘Three Letter Acronyms‘. There are thousands of these things being bounded about with new ones being made up every day. I can imagine this reaching a point where a new language is formed based purely on them. The next stage would be creating acronyms of acronyms but by this point things will have gotten so out of hand that no one will understand you anyway! Problems can also occur when TLA’s overlap so that the same three letters have multiple meanings – you can imagine the sort of mess this can cause. Today I’m working on a HLP utilizing GDD with a PID!

(Something a bit more substantial will be coming soon I promice!)

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  1. Maybe at some point there will be TLAs of TLAs!

  2. MSC NKD KIA OK? 😉


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