Kwanganri Beach

After heading back into the centre of Busan it was time for lunch. Stopping somewhere near Pusan National University we found a restaurant where we ordered iced noodles (Milmyeon – a local speciality) with fried rice and chicken (Dakgalbi Bokumbab).


Eating noodles in ice was certainly a new experience for me but to be honest I wouldn’t call it my favourite dish although everything else was delicious.


In the afternoon I got my first proper look at the coastline in Busan, which is after all a port city! Surrounded by tall buildings Kwanganri beach was somewhat surreal but even more extraordinary was the huge double-decker suspension bridge they had built straight across the bay on the horizon. My pictures don’t really do it justice so I suggest checking it out on Google Maps, how this thing was ever built is amazing!


Whilst it wasn’t a particularly hot day there were still plenty of people having fun in the water and even a few swimming. Apparently, in the height of summer, the beaches are teaming but since most Koreans don’t like getting a suntan they bring thousands of umbrellas – just take a look here!

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  1. Iced-noodles weren't really my cup of tea – feels like eating live squid to my mind (something the Koreans also like but not something I could ever bring myself to do!). Some Korean food is a bit of an acquired taste!!

  2. Slurp, that lunch looks delicious!
    I don't like the idea of iced-noodles too, but I'd be happy to give it a try… 🙂

  3. Seonhye Lee avatar
    Seonhye Lee

    i generally don't like iced-noodles much. (we call it 'NaengMyeon') but i liked Milmyeon. not too cold, not too tough unlike general NaengMyeon. 🙂


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