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Sadako on Seoul Subway

Sadako on Seoul Subway

So I was sitting on the subway in Seoul early morning minding my own business when I felt something rest itself on my shoulder. Looking down in horror I saw a faceless head uncomfortably close to my own and for a split second wondered if Sadako (from Ringu fame) had finally come to wreak her terrible revenge on me… (her victims “die of fright”)


Alas no, a local had unconsciously decided my shoulder looked like a comfortable place to sleep! Whilst I awkwardly tried to nudge her off me a friend who was conveniently sitting opposite (now in hysterics) took a pic – censored to preserve my anonymity and dignity 🙂

N.B. I meant to post this before the Korean Folk Village episode, which is when it happened, but somehow overlooked it!

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  1. Margaret says:

    Enjoying your “travelogue” v.much – funny to see all the umbrellas on the beach and clothed bathers! Such an amazing experience to have, doubt I'll ever get to go…..but you never know! Dad and I thinking about Rome for our 25th next year (seems a bit tame compared with China and Korea!!)

  2. Karin Silk says:

    Hi David,
    I've eventually braved this site and am trying out this method of communication. Hoe all is well with you.
    Our Geoff is off for his second year at Durham this Monday. Do you remember the place?? Karin

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