Kosoan Cafe in Jiyugaoka

Tokyo’s many neighbourhoods are full of hidden restaurants, cafes & bars, often hidden from view at street level, for which discovery is as much a part of the experience as anything else.

Kosoan Cafe

On a recent stroll around Jiyugaoka (自由が丘) in Meguro ward, I came across an extraordinary cafe reminiscent of something from Edo period Kyoto.

Pretty Courtyard

Kosoan (古桑庵) is housed in a traditional wooden building overlooking a quaint garden.

Shoes Off!

Shoes off at the main entrance since the entire cafe floor is covered by tatami mats.

Ladies Who Lunch

The interior is decorated with traditional Japanese dolls, wooden chests and swords. Whether the gaggle of ladies in attendance had any need for the latter I’m not sure!

Ice Matcha

Ice matcha with served with a red bean sweet

Warm Matcha

Hot matcha served with white glutinous rice balls and red bean paste (shiratama zenzai) – the small side dish is salted kelp (shio kombu) which is served as a palette cleanser.

Breezy Fish

The perfect spot to while away a lazy Sunday afternoon.

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