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Koburi Pass Hike

Living in Tokyo, it’s easy to get trapped within the sprawling metropolis, but when you have the urge to escape there’s luckily a plethora of options within an hour or two of the capital (75% of the country is uninhabited after all).

Koburi Pass Shrine

One of my favourite hikes is the Koburi Pass (顔振峠) in Saitama, just 90 minutes from central Tokyo by train. It’s a relatively easy three-hour walk with spectacular views and, best of all, very few people.

Suwa Shrine

After ascending through the forest and a beautiful bamboo groove you arrive at Suwa Shrine (諏訪神社). On a clear day, there’s a great view overlooking Saitama and if you’re lucky you might even be able to spot the Skytree.

Suwa Shrine

You can find excellent directions at Tokyo Cheapo, however, I would recommend having Google Maps with you since some of the route isn’t very well marked.


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