I ♥ SHENZHEN T-Shirt Design

Following the relative success of the “Made in UK” T-shirt designs (i.e. people actually paying me to make them one) I decided to design another with an “I Love Shenzhen” theme along the lines of the classic I ♥ NY version. The only problem is that I’ve come up with four versions and can’t choose which one to put into production:

Option 1 – classic

I ♥ SZ

Option 2 – horizontal

I ♥ SZ

Option 3 – wo ai (meaning “I love” in Chinese)

wo ai ♥ SZ

Option 4 – 我 (meaning “I” in Chinese)

Wo ♥ SZ

Option 5 – bonus (by popular request!)

Wo ♥ SZ

I figured a public vote was the way to go so, if you’d be so kind, please cast your opinion below (or click here if you’re an RSS reader).

If I get enough votes (>50) I might even be inclined to give one away – leave a comment below so I can know your email address with/without any other creative suggestions 🙂 Thanks!

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12 responses

  1. I picked the second one!
    SZ kinda Polish feel to me?!

    1. Looks like option 2 is in the lead so far although not quite sure how you made the Polish connection?!

  2. Tom F avatar
    Tom F

    Option 3 repeats itself “i love love sz”. I voted for option 1 for the square layout, but I may have voted for option 4 if it was also in a square layout.

    How many have you sold so far?

    1. Market data is highly confidential but you can be confident that we are talking volumes of less than a dozen 😉

      P.s. added a new option based on your suggestion

  3. i liked them all, but, since i have to pick, i voted for !

  4. Steptoe avatar

    I also love Swaziland – go SZ!

    1. Glad to hear that Steptoe but actually was referring to Shenzhen, China (SZ). Sorry!

  5. David(2) avatar

    I like 4 best =D though I’ve never been to Shenzhen 🙁

  6. i like opinion 2,but you can take the logo back the T-shirt with the little view not taking it at the positive side that it will seem like so silly.

    what is the color of the t-shirt?i think white is the better.

    btw,i @shenzhen

  7. Thanks for all the votes! Looks like no. 4/5 are pretty popular at the moment.

    The design will be printed on a white tshirt and probably cost around 60-70 RMB, maybe less, depending on where I get it printed.

  8. clarke avatar

    I voted for #5, because it’s most similar to #1 but in Simplified; it should be in the local language. (plus it wasn’t redundant as Tom F pointed out). & when can I get one?


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