Hmm… Upgrades!

You may notice a few changes to the site today, mainly due to the fact that I’ve upgraded to the latest & greatest version of WordPress (1.5alpha) and have tweaked the graphics of the template a bit. The new version of WP feels extremely polished and the updated admin interface is excellent, I especially like the new ‘static pages’ feature which will come in very handy. The change over has also allowed me to clear up the images and plugins folder making the whole directory structure a lot more tidy. If you notice anything broken please shout – I’ll be making a few more changes over the coming weeks so watch this space!

Visited my grandparents in London today which was good as I hadn’t seen them for quite a while. We went out for a really nice lunch in a restaurant and I had a very juicy steak and a rather evil ice cream dessert!


On the journey back home I had a play with the manual settings on my camera and took a few interesting shots of the speeding traffic (I should hasten to add I was not driving at the time!!). Above is a small montage of some of them – I’ll add an album containing larger versions to the gallery sometime in the next couple of days.

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  1. 谢谢! Wo hen gao xing 🙂

    I wish my Chinese was better, then I would say something more insightful!

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