High Energy Protons

Had quite a nice weekend with my family coming to visit. I would show you the cool photos I took but since they’re on my dad’s camera (I forgot mine when we went out today!) they’ll have to wait for another time 🙁

Well done to my Dad for having a research paper he’s written (the first in many years from what I gather) accepted for an international conference on respiratory medicine. I have absolutely no idea what it’s all about but it’s quite impressive!

I had a lot to say today but for some reason or other it’s all just drained from my mind, must be the chronic exhaustion setting in again! Instead I’ll just leave you with a few cool links:

  • Father Amorth – A day in the life of the most senior exorcist for the Vatican.
  • I ate my iPod Shuffle – “Next time you need a snacky-treat, Think different – iPod appetit“!!
  • Balloon v1.0 – Build your own Linux powered weather balloon (like you do). I love little projects like this, Genius!
  • Night-Vision – New advances using colour substitution turn night into day. Pretty psychedelic if you ask me.
  • Fractile Networks – Look the same up close or far away. Now you know! Interesting if you’re studying these sorts of things (like I am allegedly).
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4 responses

  1. Kitty avatar

    Where are the promised photons?

  2. Kitty avatar

    Or even protons? I am too tired this morning to differentiate between different types of particles begining with p.

  3. hehe, wait see 😉 I'd suggest googling the title of the post and see what you find!

  4. Kitty avatar

    Oddly I find web sites on high energy protons and cosmic rays, music (I do find that odd) and some medical things. Is that what your dad's paper is on? Wakarimasen :'(


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