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Getting hold of foreign films (especially obscure ones) on DVD is nearly impossible on the high street unless you have a specialist shop near you and even then they can be quite expensive. Although I usually only buy a DVD if I see a film I really like (whether it be in the cinema or by other means) I have found a number of useful online outlets which offer great value for money and have large selections of stuff you can’t get locally (in the UK that is). I’ve compiled a short list below of the good ones but always remember to purchase with discretion when buying online, especially from abroad, in general:

  1. Only buy from reputable stores which have a solid track record and/or have been recommended to you by people who have bought from them before.
  2. Always check that the connection is secure (a small padlock symbol should appear in the corner of your browser window) when entering credit card details etc.
  3. If something looks too good to be true then it probably is.
  4. Check how long delivery will take. Watch for additional charges such as VAT, customs duties, delivery and packaging. Some of these might be hidden.
  5. Check your credit account and bank account statements regularly. If you find an error or discrepancy, notify the financial institution and contest the error immediately.

Now onto the list:

  • – Always my first stop, they have a smallish collection of Japanese and Chinese films.
  • CD Wow! – Good selection of Asian films, very cheap (no longer active).
  • mrKwang – Retailer of Korean DVD’s & CD’s, lots of unique stuff (no longer active).
  • YesAsia – Large catalogue of just about everything Asian, free delivery to the UK.
  • cdJapan – Sells music/anime/movies, all prices in yen though.

If you’re looking for Region 1 releases then the best place to look is probably (no longer active).

If you know of any other good places please add a comment below!

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    My store is not on ebay anymore. It's moved to outside ebay. Plz re-visit, and check it out.


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