Early Morning

Went for an early morning wander around Durham today (just after 6am!) with the intention of taking a few snaps as the sun came up. Unfortunately it wasn’t the nicest of sunrises but I still got a few nice snaps of the local landmarks.

Early Morning
Durham Castle

Early Morning
Castle from other side

Early Morning
Durham Cathedral

All were taken using manual exposure settings on my digicam. The rest of the photos can be found in the gallery here. Also if you’re interested, here is a montage of various photos taken at different times of day from my window which I quite like 🙂

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2 responses

  1. The images are lovely! They have a spooky look to them.

  2. Thanks! I agree about them being a bit spooky – it was very strange wandering around a deserted city (be it quite a small one) but very relaxing in a weird kind of way. I would like to do it more often but I don't think my body can take much more getting up very early and going to bed so late right now!


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