Abstract Connections

Thought I’d post a collection of rather abstract wallpapers today I recently put together from some of my favorite photos taken in the last couple of months:


The choice of photos here is not coincidental – can anyone spot the connection(s) between them? In case anyone wonders the photo in the top-right was taken in Tate Modern, this may or may not be relevant!

The previous collection of ‘Primary Colours’ wallpapers can still be found here.

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  1. Kitty avatar

    My theory is the theme is Japan
    – The Chinese writing was done by Echo from your Japanese class
    – The photo of the leaf was taken on the way back from Teikyo Japanese festival
    – The pen is from the Japanese shop Muji
    – Tate sometimes displays Japanese art (I am guessing)

    Of course the theme could always be art since allot of the shots look artisitc however this seems too boring. Can we have Have I Got News For You style odd one out rounds?

  2. Good guess, it's a theme I hadn't actually thought of but totally plausible. You're thinking in the right way but perhaps not the right dimension! I would recommend looking at things from a lower level – so to speak.

  3. Maria avatar

    They're really nice pictures, David. I had a couple of ideas about the connections; colour (each picture seems to be made up of two colours) and paper (actual paper in the top-left and bottom-right pictures, and part of a tree in the bottom-left picture – but I'm not sure how the Tate would fit into that).
    Have the colours been enhanced slightly on each of them? The one at the Tate is in negative, the picture of the pen seems a bit bluer than when I last saw it, the Chinese writing looks a bit more orange, and the one with the leaves looks a lot more green (especially the sky).


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