We got our first proper day of nice weather in London today so with nothing much else going on I decided to take the D70s for a stroll around the Docklands area where I live. Whilst the docks remain the industries behind them are long gone, mostly replaced by expensive apartments.

Past Docklands Glory

However, there are still a few lingering relics remaining like these huge lifting cranes and it’s quite an interesting place to wander around. Unfortunately among these rotting hulks, you could also include the impressive multi-million-pound Millennium Dome which has sat empty since the end of 2000 – hopefully, with the further regeneration of this area for the 2012 Olympics, it will get a new life!

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  1. Wow, thanks! Hope you keep on reading 😀

    Yes, brocolie (however it's spelt) is not one of those words I use in every-day conversation and a difficult one to spell also!

  2. alice avatar

    i think all your photographs are brilliant, i especialy like this one. im not quite sure why but as i was scrolling down the page i saw it and it caught my eye,i found out about your site on google as i was searching funnily nough for a picture of a brocolie or however you spell it.
    yours sinserly
    Alice Brayley

  3. Ushi avatar

    Not to be a spelling Nazi or anything…but its spelled Broccoli.

    *wanders back to her little cave now that she has saved the day by ensuring the spelling of broccoli has been corrected*


  4. Glad we've got that one sorted out – TG saves the day again! I am put to shame by my spelling… thank goodness for spell check 🙂

  5. Yeah I noticed but didn't want to embarrass you 😀

  6. Ushi avatar

    What was it you were saying recently? Regarding dependence on technology affecting our lives?? I think relying on specll check definitely counts! What you need is either to be a fantastic speller, like yours truly, or invest in a rather good dictionary…:p

  7. Ushi avatar

    And embarassingly enough just noticed i spelled 'spell' incorrectly – this is of course a typo, not an example of my abysmal spelling (not that I bet anyone noticed…)


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