Do You Know South Korea?

A friend of mine from South Korea sent me this video today by David Dutton which provides a wonderful perspective on a trip he made from Daejeon to Seoraksan to Busan to Seoul. I’ve visited many of the same places on my various trips to Korea over the past few years and this brought back a lot of happy memories for me – hope you enjoy it:

On a related note – Project Obangsaek is creating what looks to be an interesting documentary and website that looks at Korean identity through art, history and culture (directed by Benson Lee) with a focus on preserving what is in danger of being lost due to modernisation.

I’m looking forward to heading back to SK for a week or two in early July 🙂

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  1. Gloria Roo avatar
    Gloria Roo

    It is so beautiful video~~.
    It touches me and I get it back what I ve missed about my country for a long time.

    Thanks and i share it with my friends on facebook.

    Have a good day~


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