I wasn’t so keen on, the social bookmarks manager, to begin with but after browsing through it last night properly for the first time I’ve found it to be a mine of cool links and other miscellanea organised by tags and descriptions. The more people who link to a certain page the more ‘popular’ it becomes. The only downside to this being that it can seriously eat your time so possibly not a good thing to be looking at right now for me!

Even the BBC are interested in the idea and have a prototype site which allow tags to be added to any article thus allowing your to find stories based on these. This can give a good overview of whats popular and what related. It’s good to see the BBC allowing people use their back-end content to innovate, I hope they keep up the good work.

(See here for a cool example of how your bookmarks can be visualised)

  • For those revising for exams right now: 50 Strategies For Making Yourself Work. I might find this useful if I actually get round to reading it!!
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