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Sorry again for the low frequency of posts these last few weeks – revision, revision… I H A T E R E V I S I O N. Got the message?! To be honest during these periods of *intensive* work there isn’t usually a lot to talk about but sufficed to say I’ve dragged something out of myself today! Yesterday saw the conclusion of my major project (worth 1/3 of this years marks) with a live demonstration – this seemed to go quite well and luckily the examiner didn’t ask any horrible questions contrary to what I had been expecting. Whilst some of it has been quite interesting it’s good to put a lid on it finally 🙂

So here’s what the Software Engineering component of my course looks like on Q-cards:

(Fascinating huh?!)

  • Google’s Singularity machine – are Google building ‘AI that transcends humanity’? Perhaps.
  • Time Traveler Convention – Nice idea which unfortunately didn’t work. Dr. Who fans may be disappointed!
  • Edsinger Domo – Be warned the robots are on the rise (again)! Not quite at Schwarzenegger terminator level yet.
  • Culture Jamming – Some guy walks into famous museums and puts his own work up. Old news but still cool!
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  1. Thanks! Good luck to you also – knowing that it will end eventually is all that keeps me going through exams!

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    So many cards, so much work! Good luck with your exams (I presume they start on Monday) and don't forget, it'll all be over in a fortnight.


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