Day 3 : Hot Pot!

Last night we went to a Chinese restaurant for Hot Pot. What is that you might ask? Like the name suggests you basically get a brass cauldron filled with boiling water, simmering over hot coals. Everyone sits around this and cooks thinly sliced meat and vegetables as desired (apologies for the poor mobile pic!). Whilst I could stomach most of it I didn’t quite fancy the live shrimps – somehow watching them writhing around in water put me off! The rest was very delicious, the best part being that we were to only foreigners in the restaurant – always a good sign 🙂

Coming soon: What happens when your taxi has an accident on the middle of the expressway? Find out tomorrow!

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  1. Sabrina avatar

    Hot Pot is typical in BJ!!

  2. Hi Mr R. yes, much enjoyment is being had! Hope you're enjoying being back in little-old England and working hard at school 😉 haha

  3. Russell avatar

    Sounds rly interestin, didnt know they had chinese hot pot 😀
    Hope you're enjoyin china lots (well sounds like you are :P)

  4. “What happens when your taxi has an accident on the middle of the express-way? Find out tomorrow! “

    Maybe you'll never let us find out the answer. I check your Blog every day, but still nothing is “coming soon.”

    I hope everything's all right. And I can't wait to see the pics you took in Beijing.

  5. Hehe, sorry for the delay, been a rather busy weekend!!! Pics are on flickr now 🙂


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