Chinese Economic Crisis Comics

The world economic crisis created in America is having knock-on effects around the world. As people in the west stop spending the demand for manufactured goods from China is slowing down putting millions of migrant factory workers out of work. While the government does its best to keep the lid on free speech which might insight civil unrest the people still find other forms of expression to vent their feelings and resist censorship (known locally as “harmonization“) through the use of allegory, puns and seemingly innocent comics or videos.

The following comics appeared in my inbox today humorously depicting the everyday impact of the economic crisis and how people have reacted in China (which some friends helped me translate). Each should be read from top to bottom – left and right are separate comics:

Chinese Economic Crisis Comics
Chinese Economic Crisis Comics

The economy aside, while this example is fairly tame, an interesting point raised here asks…

Will the Chinese people rise above cyber-vigilantism and use the Internet to build a just and fair society governed by accountable leaders? Or will the majority be be happy to wield their new-found powers of online speech in random fashion? … It’s hard to know whether people beyond the elite intelligentsia will pay attention to such concerns.

Considering the mass appeal and reach of the internet I’d like to say yes but knowing the Chinese’s lacklustre interest in politics it’s difficult to see it happening on a mass scale soon. The Chinese government may be beginning to warm up to the idea of online debate but you can be sure it won’t be democratic in any sense of the true meaning.

More comics after the break…

Chinese Economic Crisis Comics
Chinese Economic Crisis Comics

With thanks to Kitty and Rebecca for the translations.

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  1. Rebecca avatar

    Qiang Sha fa,haha:P
    The cartoons are fun to discrebe the Financial Cisis,and it is closer our life.the financial crisis brings some bad things to the world,but on the other hand,it is not bad,it makes a lot of people pay their attention to their lifes and their families,their healthy.and let some lazy guys know that only work hard and learn more can exist on the society.every coin has two sides,that is what I think.

    By the way,I found translation is a really funny thing,haha.

    1. Couldn’t agree more. I hope that the crisis is a catalyst for real change in the world. One thing’s for the sure; we can’t continue on our previous path of destruction. What we need is less greed and more responsibility both for our fellow neighbours and the world in which we are mere temporary guests. Just my two cents 😉

  2. florance avatar

    it’s hard to find a job now。so i treasure this temporary job although it’s kind of boring and hard to be a permanent job。Having a passion for the work can do it better ,i believe。

  3. The cartoon with different people holding speeches especially hits home with me. No-one really seems to know what they’re talking about when they talk about the financial crisis, but they talk anyway.
    The theories of all the economists won’t get us any further in such a mess, just like vectorial calculations in physics will apply, but not help you, if your town gets hit by an earthquake. I can’t think of a better solution though, so let the smart men talk. Just don’t ask me to listen.

  4. I hate u!!!
    You know I’m finding job now!!!
    Funny comics but make me so sad


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