Busy Day

Lots of stuff has been happening today, first of this morning I went to look at a couple of rooms in college with a view to selecting one to live in next year. Somehow out of pure luck I managed to be picked out of the room ballot first which means I get first pick of any room I want, but hear in lies a dilemma – do I go for a medium sized room with en-suite facilities or a larger room without? I’m having great difficult making up my mind – on one hand the larger room has a nice view and lots of space to spread out in, whilst on the other the medium sized room is in a more convenient location with the added bonus of having your own clean bathroom. If you have an opinion/idea please post a comment!

Secondly this morning I went off to the Careers center in search of some guidance about what to do once I have a nice shiny degree (possibly more a case of if I have one!). After a brief interview with an adviser I now have the painful task of shifting through more information than my mind can comfortably think about right now. Looks like fun 🙁

Thirdly today I’m now in the process of finalizing the design for the new site. I’ve been basically tweaking things to make everything look nice and browser friendly. On that front I’ve been testing it in every browser I could lay my hands on, results as follows:

  • Firefox 0.8 – Perfect
  • Mozilla 1.6 & 1.8a1 – Perfect
  • Epiphany 1.2.5 – Perfect
  • Safari 1.2.2 – Perfect
  • Camino 0.8 – Perfect
  • Internet Explorer 6 – Makes a mess of the header, otherwise fine
  • Lynx 2.8.4 – Hardcore browsing!

Funny how IE performed the worst, hopefully they’ll have this little glitch sorted out soon. I aim to launch the site properly some time around the weekend depending on how quickly I finish things off. If you’re viewing this in the new version of the site post a comment and tell me what you think.

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