I haven’t written a technical article in a long while so I thought I’d change all that and post one today about automating backups using a simple shell script. Backups are something that you can never have enough of as I’ve found to my cost in the past but it doesn’t require anything that difficult to sort out. If you’re interested you can read it here. As ever comments are welcome – if you notice an error or see something that can be improved please let me know!

I’m off to London tomorrow to visit my grandparents for the weekend. I won’t be back until Monday so probably won’t be posting till then. Hopefully, when I get back I’ll have a few pictures to share. In the meantime here is another couple I took last weekend which turned out OK:

End of a pile of cut reeds used for thatching roofs in the Norfolk Broads.

Green Stream
An algae-infested stream camouflages itself with its surroundings!

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