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September was all about Korea so it’s about time to get back to the basics and a little more random! The past few weeks have been predictably busy at work. I’ve been busy designing a web service API (Application Program Interface) for a major organisation which basically allows it to syndicate its content and data to others for various purposes. It’s been an interesting challenge with many different aspects to it, not just technical, but that’s about all I can say here!

iPhone UK Launch

We’ve been waiting so long for this magical piece of technology to hit British shores that you would imagine the hype would have died down by now but since getting my hands on an iPod Touch for a few minutes I for one am still very excited! Yes, it’s not cheap, not 3G yet, and Apple hasn’t exactly warmed to the 3rd party apps/hacks but it still marks a landmark device which fuses a host of technologies in revolutionary ways to create something pretty unique. The iPhone is just the first step in changing the way we interact with technology, the internet, and ultimately each other. I’ll certainly be lining up on Nov 9 to get my hands on it!


During my long flights to and from Korea, I read the final Harry Potter instalment. To be honest I was a little disappointed. Two-thirds of the book is spent with the characters in a tent arguing with each other and the rest watching countless other characters getting killed in rather predictable ways. After all that Rowling could have at least killed Harry off properly without all this resurrection nonsense and then a sappy flash-forwards to their future lives. I guess there’s no satisfying everyone and it’s somewhat sad to see the end of the series.

China Is Getting Ready

China Is Getting Ready

“In the name of ensuring stability and harmony in the country during the 2008 Olympic Games, the Chinese Government continues to detain and harass political activists, journalists, lawyers and human rights workers. Get involved:” [via]

I know Amnesty is somewhat controversial but I still wholeheartedly believe that China is continuing to sweep human rights under the proverbial carpet. It’s such a shame because the Olympics were the perfect opportunity for China to clean up its act. As I once heard someone say, China likes to seem democratic on the outside but on the inside, it’s as despotic as it ever was. The sad thing is that many of the Chinese I’ve spoken to don’t really care as long as they have a satisfactory quality of life.

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  1. Maria avatar

    Ouch! Ouch!!! Harry Potter spoilers make Maria cry! ;_; you could have warned me! grrrrr

    *goes to read Harry Potter to avoid even more spoilers*

  2. Sorry Maria, I didn't think!! I've added a spoiler warning. I'm surprised you haven't finished it yet!

  3. Maria avatar

    Well, when the last one came out I knew I'd be seeing someone fairly soon afterwards who was very mean and would likely try and tell people the ending, so I read it within a few hours of buying it. This time, however, I've been rather busy 🙁 In fact, I've not actually left the lab properly in about 14 hours (eep!) – so I'll read more of it when I get back to my room. Yay for spoiler warnings ^_^ Hopefully I'll see you on msn soon to say hello ^_^ (it may be in a fair while though 🙁 )

  4. Such an Apple fanboy :p

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