Asian Music Videos Made With iPhones

With its many sensors (touch, proximity, direction, sound, camera) the iPhone has become a versatile platform for both developers and artists alike. Apps like Drum Meister, Bassist, iDrum, NLog Synthesizer, I Am T-Pain, Ocarina, and BeatMaker (to name but a few) turn the iPhone into a veritable collection of musical instruments in a single device which you may or may not look stupid using!

Music videos made with and featuring the iPhone have been frequently popping up online, and with its wide availability in Asia since last year, the region now seems to have produced a few viral hits of its own:

ABCD Said by PixieTea

ABCD Said, by a Chinese girl called PixieTea has already received over 1.7 million views on YouKu (the Chinese clone of YouTube) alone. I won’t comment on the music itself but brownie points for guessing how many apps are being used here.

Irreplaceable by Applegirl

This time from Korea, Applegirl (Kim Yeo-hui) has created a couple of fun videos using no less than 4 iPhones stringed together on a custom rig with surprising dexterity. The music isn’t original but the execution certainly is!

Poker Face by Applegirl

The best part of this one has to be the cat lazily wandering around in the background… nice accent also 😀

Whilst I’m not sure the iPhone is going to be replacing traditional instruments anytime soon there are already a few iPhone orchestras in existence and with the introduction of the iPad imminent, the possibilities are endless.

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    there are plenty of videos with non-hot girls, why do you have to discriminate david?!!

    1. I’ll leave them for other people to cover 😛


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