Apple Farm Cafe in Wonju

A friend of mine has recently opened a quaint cafe in Wonju, South Korea (1 hour from Seoul) called Apple Farm / 사과농장. It serves hot/cold drinks and light food daily in a cosy relaxed atmosphere where even well-behaved pets are allowed:

All the interior design was done by the very talented proprietor, Seon Mi Park (박선미).

While Wonju might not be a big city its proximity to Seoul makes it popular with commuters and students from nearby universities.

Do check it out if you happen to be in the vicinity! I’ve heard great things about the home-made chocolate cake 😉


강원도 원주시 중앙동181-3 번지 2층
2F, 181-3, Joong-ang-dong, Wonju, Gang-won-do, South Korea

Open daily 11 am ~ 10 pm (closes 6.30 pm Sat)

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  1. wow,awesome.I think I told you I had this dream before.the design is really they need any waitress ? or does there have any discount if we go there as your friend?hahahah.

    1. Well before any chance of a discount first you need to head to South Korea…! Agree the design is nice, but my eyes are drawn to the chocolate cake! Maybe it can give you some inspiration?


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