Japan – The Strange Country

Continuing my series of quirky videos about Japanese culture here’s a beautifully executed infographic introduction to the country created from a foreigner’s point of view (by Kenichi Tanaka, a Japanese designer):

Japanese version
English version

Did you know that 2 in every 100 people are Japanese and that they have the longest life expectancy in the world (as well as the worst eyesight)? Besides the more common factoids, it’s interesting to see some of the worrying aspects of Japanese society addressed here – food wastage, water importing, and suicide are clearly big issues.

With 90 people killing themselves every day you have to wonder what the price of a healthy economy is…

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  1. great video! i’ve been wanting to visit for quite some time. and all foreigners i’ve known who’ve lived there have only good things to say.

    1. Yeah, and the big bonus is that they have fast, unfiltered internet there! I would love to try living in Korea / Japan for a few years. Just need to find some sort of suitable employment (not English teaching!).

  2. Steve avatar

    This video is so racist I’m at a lost for words.

    1. Steve – it was made by a Japanese designer about Japan. If they’re not allowed to comment on their own culture then who is?

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    The safest developed country in the world. No nanny state. No police state. The most reliable public transport in the world. The 5th most generous country in the world for international aid. They are pioneers in electronics, engineering and pop culture. They pick themselves and their economy up countless times after bombings and earthquakes. Their food and lifestyle is very healthy, and they have the longest life expectancy.

    If that’s “Strange”, then I want to be Strange too.

  4. Singkorn avatar

    We are all strange in some ways


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