If you follow techy type news then you’ll have undoubtedly heard of the latest offering from Apple. Its amazing how they keep managing to churn out beautifully designed products which are true to both form and function. Everything about them just works perfectly together on both the hardware and software sides which seamlessly merge to form something which “just works”. A perfect example of this would be their new “Cinema Display” screens which are so understated yet perfect in just about every way possible. Apple’s main stumbling block from what I can see is their price and user apathy. If their products were a little cheaper and marketed a little heavier then I’m sure they could take a sizable bite out of our friends in Redmond. We’re beginning to see this with iTunes and the iPod which are rulers in their class by a long shot. Now all they need to do is extend this fame to the rest of their products which are just as deserving of praise!

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