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The last couple of days at work have been pretty hectic but its a lot better than being bored with nothing to do! It was quite strange to bump into a couple of people from school the other day having not seen them for about two years, its amazing how things/people can move on so far on and yet stay pretty much the same in many respects. School now seems like a distant dream almost and one which I’m quite happy to forget in many respects!

If you’re into blogs or even just have a passing interest in them then you’ll know that the shear number of the is daunting to say the least. It’s can be quite easy to spend hours browsing through them and its always interesting to hear other peoples news and views from around the world but for most of us time isn’t a luxury! This is where quite a cool site I stumbled across the other day (linked from voxmachina) comes in handy – 3-Blogs A Day. This does exactly what it says on the tin and provides short and informative reviews in a digestible form for easy consumption. Definitely worth a click (or two).

The Day After Tomorrow – probably not as interesting as the day before yesterday! It’s the film that promises so much but delivers not a lot. Taken at face value it’s not such a bad disaster type movie but unfortunately it fails on a number of levels, not least story line and technical accuracy. If your just looking for a “fun” type film then this wont matter to you but otherwise the niggling inaccuracies will soon have you shouting at the screen. The film basically sets out a worse-case-scenario for the consequences of global warming and the stories of a number of groups of people who are trying to survive some pretty harsh weather conditions. Unfortunately there are to many lead roles so there isn’t nearly enough time to set up their characters let along finish them off sufficiently. Where this film really shines is its seamless use of CG which is second to none. When you see New York being hit by a tidal wave the level of realism is eerily scary and as you can imagine a fair few people meet their doom at the hand of mother nature. I think the following sums it up pretty well:

“Forget the factual errors, blatant conveniences, corny ending, bad dialog, product placement overload and attempts at clever pseudo-science. The Day After Tomorrow is a genuinely thrilling popcorn film, even if it is unremarkable and shamelessly manipulative. One that’s best enjoyed when you don’t want to think.”

The Day After Tomorrow

Overall: 6.5/10

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